Medieval Ark Survival Season 1.

Rates: 3x XP 10x Harvest 20x Tame

Disabled Engrams: Guns, Turrets and Explosives like C4 and Grenades.
Server offline Protection turned on 30 minutes after logging out.
Disabled Dino’s: Bronto, Giganotosaurus, Titanosaur, Pegomastax, Ichthyornis, Mosasaurus and Alpha Rex Raptor and Carno.

Mod List:
Castle, Keeps & forts architecture ( Special Buildings to make the best Castles and Keeps)
Castle_Collection (Extra castle furniture)
Super Spyglas
Mindwipe Re-Evolved ( Multi use of Mindwipe )
All Skins Box ( Box where you can craft all skins )
Medieval Props ( 100 different items to craft for Medieval themed servers )
Reusable Plus ( Reusable Grapling,Bola,Parachute and spear)
HG Stacking Mod

Server Connect

  • +3402 890 679
  • +5356 890 679
  • 345 Diamond Street,
  • Greece.